Water, Water, Everywhere
Season 5, Episode 4
Air date February 10, 2000
Written by George Tarry
Directed by Mike Stuart
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Water Water Everywhere is the fourth episode of Season 5.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Tiger comes to Kipper's house. Kipper gets his pool out. Tiger gets the hose, but he takes the wrong end of the part of the hose and connects it to the other part and turns on the water, then runs off. The hose starts leaking where Tiger connected the hose.

The two try to get in the pool once it's blown up and filled with water, but most of the water comes out because it's not meant for two people. They spray water into the air and make a rainbow. Then Kipper steps on the water hose and the hose stops working on Tiger. When Kipper steps off the hose, Tiger gets sprayed in the face. Kipper jumps on the hose pipe again. Pressure builds, and the leaking hose starts shaking around so much it comes apart, and one part of the hose flings through the window.

Meanwhile, Tiger and Kipper are jumping through puddles when they meet a frog. They comment on the frog's mouth swelling when it croaks. The frog goes inside the house and Kipper and Tiger follow it when they see the flooded house and the frog in a cup. Then, Kipper jumps on a puddle right back to Tiger. Tiger and Kipper bring the paddling pool into the house. Then Pig comes with Arnold to visit Kipper. Then, despite Kipper's screaming not to open the door...Pig opens the door. Water comes flooding-thankfully though, Pig is okay he simply laughs it off with everyone else.

Characters featured[edit | edit source]

Water Water Everywhere[edit | edit source]

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