The Umbrella
Season 1, Episode 2
The Umbrella Ep.jpg
Air date September 12, 1947
Written by Heck Allen
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The Umbrella is the second episode of the first season.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The episode begins with Tiger calling Kipper to go for fishing together on which Kipper replies that he doesn't own a fishing rod. Tiger suggests to bring anything longer with him to tie up the string. Kipper, on his suggestion, finds an umbrella in his store and makes his way to the river.

On the way to the river, Kipper plays around with his umbrella and gets flown with it to the moon because of the stormy day. At the end, he lands in the river where Tiger is fishing when he comes to know that Tiger has not found a single fish in his absence.

The episode ends with both Tiger and Kipper using their umbrellas as boats to wander in the river in search of fish.

Characters Featured[edit | edit source]

The Umbrella[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the first Kipper cartoon to use all red scheme A-Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer cartoon In Technicolor, althrough later cartoons would have Color by Technicolor.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Tiger and The Ducks.
  • Kipper is seen with playing around the umbrella with little to no dialogue in this episode.
  • This is the first Kipper cartoon to be directed by Tex Avery.
  • This is the first Kipper cartoon to be written by Heck Allen.

Goofs[edit | edit source]

  • Kipper has Tiger's phone and Tiger has Kipper's phone.
  • When Kipper flies to the moon the sky is filled with stars, but when he gets to the moon all the stars disappear.
  • If Kipper had fallen head-first into the river, wouldn't he have gotten hurt?
  • In real life, an umbrella would never fly to the moon even it's a stormy day.
  • It's impossible for a crescent moon to be hung on and tipped over by Kipper as seen in the episode.
  • The thunderstorm would've came towards Tiger, too.
  • It's also impossible for Kipper to survive in the space without oxygen.
  • During the final shot of Kipper playing with the prop item, the umbrella flickers and flashes.
  • The moon is supposed to be big, but when Kipper flies to it with his umbrella, it's smaller than him.
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