The Swimming Pool is a Season 3 episode, it aired on March 11, 1999.


On a hot day, Kipper and Tiger are lying in the sun, they see Pig and Arnold and they decide to go to a swimming pool. But Tiger forgets his water wings and he doesn't want to go into the pool, Kipper, Pig and Arnold are having a lot of fun and Kipper and Pig swim Arnold around the wave machine. Then, the wave machine comes on and Kipper gets splashed to the top of the wave machine and they move their legs when the waves come up. Meanwhile, Tiger is missing all of the fun and Kipper asks why Tiger won't come into the pool, he confesses that he is not familiar with water and he forgot his water wings. Pig lets Tiger use his and Tiger goes into the water, Tiger has a fun time and he gets splashed to the top of the wave machine and everybody laughs.

Characters FeaturedEdit


  • This episode came after The Paddling Pool, but no music from that episode is heard. It is possible that there were new music producers for this episode.
  • Jake does not appear in this episode.
  • When Tiger says Whoo-hoo, yeaah! when he is splashed to the top of the wave machine, he is frowning and the way his mouth moves doesn't match the words.
  • Why would Kipper, Tiger, Pig and Arnold need swimming trunks when they are naked the rest of the time?