The Rescue
Season 3, Episode 2
The Rescue Ep.jpg
Air date January 28, 1949
Written by N/A
Directed by William Hanna & Joseph Barbera
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The Rescue is the second episode of Season 3.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Kipper and friends are at the beach on a hot sunny day. While Kipper, Pig, and Arnold jump in puddles, they notice a pedal boat. Arnold wants to go on a ride on it, but Pig says no, stating that Arnold is too small for it. Kipper decides to build a sand boat for Arnold as a substitute for the pedal boat with the help of his friends. They play pretend boat with Arnold, but it doesn’t please him so much, so Arnold hops off the sand boat to go look at the pedal boat. Kipper and Tiger decide to collect some minI sea creatures. As they show off what they collected, they end up getting caught in a tide, so they climb up a big rock and wait for the tide to end. They see Arnold nearby and try to get his attention, but he walks away, and the two assume he didn’t see them. As Tiger starts panicking, thinking he and Kipper are gonna be trapped on the rock forever, Kipper sees Pig and Arnold on the pedal boat; it turns out that Arnold did see them and went to get Pig for help. At the end, Arnold manages to get his boat ride, and the episode concludes with the four driving the boat at sea.

Characters featured[edit | edit source]

The Rescue[edit | edit source]

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