The Picnic is the third episode of Season 3.


Tiger invites Kipper to go on one last picnic since it is almost the end of summer. Kipper packs jam sandwiches and cheese sandwiches and the friends jump in a pile of leaves before it is time to eat lunch. Their lunch is interrupted by Pig and Arnold flying a kite, and they decide it is too noisy so they move to the duck pond. U 

Unfortunately just as the settle themselves, ants decide to join their picnic and then ducks begin eating their lunch as well.  

After moving to a park bench, wasps swarm around them until they need to move once again. Each time they move, they lose more of their food, and never really get to eat any of it.  

Once they settle themselves under the shade of a tree, Arnold and Pig join them and begin eating the food that is left. Since Kipper and Tiger are good friends, they allow the newcomers to enjoy the food, but Tiger shakes up a can of soda before offering it to Pig, which explodes when he opens it.  

In the end, they all have apples to eat, when they fall out of the tree that Arnold's kite got stuck in. 

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Kipper the Dog - The Picnic

Kipper the Dog - The Picnic