The Magnifying Glass
Season 2, Episode 8
The Magnifying Glass Ep.jpg
Air date November 12, 1948
Written by N/A
Directed by William Hanna & Joseph Barbera
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The Magnifying Glass is the eighth episode of Season 2.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Kipper is in the feild looking at flowers and bugs with his magnifying glass, and talks about how clever it is. He hears a cricket chirping and goes to look at it with his magnifying glass, but he scares it off. He finds it and tries to look at it again, but it runs off. He realized that prowling in the fields has made a tunnel, and pushes some of the grass down to make himself cozy. After Kipper looks at a ladybug, he waves it goodbye and gets distracted by the sight of a log, and runs off, forgetting to bring his magnifying glass, which was left on the ground. Kipper sees some mushrooms on the log and wants to get a closer look at them, only to realize that he lost his magnifying glass.

Meanwhile, Pig and Arnold are off to the swings, but Arnold wanders off into the field. As Pig gets to the swing set, he wonders where Arnold is, and goes to look for him.

Kipper looks for his magnifying glass, and gets an idea of where he last had it. Meanwhile, Arnold find his magnifying glass, but sucks on it, mistaking it for a lollipop. Kipper looks in the fields but can’t his magnifying glass, and he gives up and goes home. He bumps into Pig who is looking for Arnold. They eventually find him on the swings. Arnold reveals that the lollipop he’s sucking on doesn’t taste good, and Kipper tells him that’s actually his magnifying glass and fetches him a real lollipop. The ladybug from last time lands on Arnold’s head, and Kipper and Pig take a look at it using Kipper’s magnifying glass.

Characters featured[edit | edit source]

The Magnifying Glass[edit | edit source]

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