The Igloo
Season 2, Episode 4
The Igloo Ep.jpg
Air date October 15, 1998
Written by Matthew Westwood
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The Igloo is the fourth episode of the second season.

Plot[edit | edit source]

On a cold morning, Kipper is reading an Eskimo book and sees an igloo on one of the pages, where he gets an idea to build an igloo with Tiger.

Kipper and Tiger start building the igloo using big blocks of snow, but forgot to add the door to it. The igloo is now complete, but it starts to melt because of the sun.

Kipper and Tiger get some umbrellas to block the igloo from the sun, but their arms start to ache. Fortunately, the clouds start to block the sun. Pig and Arnold show up, and Kipper shows them their igloo. Arnold, however, preferred to stay outside and slide down the igloo, and even built his own miniature snowman of himself.

Soon, rain comes in and starts putting holes through the igloo. While pig stays in the igloo with an umbrella, Kipper and Tiger start filling the holes up with ice cubes from Kipper’s freezer, but they quickly run out of ice cubes and the rain keeps adding holes to the igloo. Suddenly, it’s start hailing, and Tiger worries that the igloo is destroyed, but the hailstones start filling up the holes, and Tiger gets relieved.

Soon, it stops raining, and everyone thinks the igloo is safe and sound, but due to Pig shoving himself out of the igloo, and the amount of holes and rain that came from the storm, the igloo collapses. The gang now can’t fit in the igloo, but the igloo is now big enough for Arnold.

Goofs[edit | edit source]

After Pig said he's getting wet his mouth disappeared.

When it started raining the rain came in the igloo, which makes no sense since there isn't any holes.

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