The Dinosaur
Season 3, Episode 6
The Dinosaur Ep.jpg
Air date February 25, 1999
Written by James Mason
Directed by Mike Stuart
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The Dinosaur is the sixth episode of Season 3.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Kipper and Tiger are painting with their hands and feet then they decided to splash in puddles. They splash and had fun then Kipper saw muddy footprints, then Kipper saw a massive print then another Tiger thinks there's a dinosaur. Kipper and Tiger followed more footprints to the woods Kipper thought it got to sleep. Just then a noise came like a roar Tiger and Kipper ran out of the woods both were very tired. Then they saw Pig and Arnold Pig thought they having a race but instead they were running away from a dinosaur Pig said he'll get Arnold but Arnold wasn't really keen. Then Kipper noiced a print it was Arnold's skittles he made the print. Kipper said they should play skittles until the noise came back, they were frighted suddenly Kipper saw a head but it was just a digger. Everyone was happy when Arnold knocked the last pin Kipper told Arnold to do it again and Arnold nodded yes.

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