Snowy Day
Season 1, Episode 9
Air date October 30, 1997
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Snow Day is the ninth episode of the first season.


It is snowing outside, and Kipper and Tiger decide to build a snowman, but the animals keep on ruining the snowman. Kipper and Tiger build it in a different location so the animals won't wreck it, but the birds keep on pecking on the snowman, Tiger tries to shoo them away, but the birds keep on pecking on the snowman's hat, which appears to be Tiger's. Kipper wants to make snow angels in the snow, but Tiger wants to still build a snowman and he is upset that the birds pecked on his hat, Kipper invites Tiger to join in, and Kipper and Tiger have fun making snow angels. Tiger thinks that he and Kipper should go inside so that the birds and squirrels will go away. So Kipper and Tiger go inside for some hot cocoa, but while they are inside, the snow gets colder and colder and their snowman keeps on melting and getting smaller. When Kipper and Tiger go back outside, they see that their snowman has been wrecked, but there are no birds around, so Kipper and Tiger decide to build their snowman and they play in the snow on a snowy day.

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Kipper the Dog - Snowy Day

Kipper the Dog - Snowy Day


  • This is the first holiday-themed episode of Kipper.


  • The snowman melted because the temperature was getting colder, but a snowman would melt because of sun, not snow.