Pools, Parks and Picnics is a Kipper the Dog VHS released on June 5th 2001 from Lyrick Studios. It was later re-released on VHS along with DVD in July 1st 2003.

VHS Contents[edit | edit source]

  1. FBI Warning/Interpol Warning Screen 1996
  2. Distributed By Lyrick Studios Logo 1999
  3. Barney Come On Over To Barney's House Preview (Now From Lyrick Studios)
  4. Hit Home Entertainment Logo 2000
  5. Bob the Builder Preview (Now From Lyrick Studios)
  6. Kipper Intro/Title Card
  7. The Long Walk
  8. The Swimming Pool
  9. The Picnic
  10. Cakes And Tails
  11. The Gismo
  12. The Lost Mug
  13. The Magnifying Glass
  14. Kipper Credits/Hit Entertainment PLC
  15. The Wiggles Dance Party (Dorothy's Dance Party Music Video) Preview
  16. Distributed By Lyrick Studios Logo 1999

DVD Contents[edit | edit source]

  1. FBI Warning/Interpol Warning Screen 1996
  2. Hit Entertainment Logo 2001
  3. Barney Songs From The Park Preview
  4. Bob the Builder The Knights Of The Fix-A-Lot Preview
  5. The Wiggles Magical Adventure Preview  
  6. Angelina Ballerina Friends Forever Preview
  7. Kipper Imagine That! Preview
  8. Kipper Intro/Title Card
  9. The Long Walk
  10. The Swimming Pool
  11. The Picnic
  12. Cakes And Tails
  13. The Gismo
  14. The Lost Mug
  15. The Magnifying Glass                  
  16. Kipper Credits/Hit Entertainment

Episodes[edit | edit source]

  1. The Long Walk
  2. The Swimming Pool
  3. The Picnic
  4. Cakes And Tails
  5. The Gismo
  6. The Lost Mug
  7. The Magnifying Glass

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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Trivia/Goofs[edit | edit source]

  • This is the first Kipper video made under Distributed by Lyrick Studios.
  • This is one out of few Kipper videos to have the program's title in the first few seconds of the opening intro.
  • As with Tiger Tales, which was released the same day as this video, the "Come on Over to Barney's House" trailer at the beginning of the VHS version has Dean Barnett's "Now from Lyrick Studios" voiceover on it, meaning that they both might have been produced between 2000 and 2002. However, the second trailer is for Bob the Builder, so this is unlikely to be true. At the end of the VHS version that has 2 Different Music Videos from the mid 90's of The Wiggles (Big Red Car and Wake Up Jeff). In Tiger Tales at the end, It has the Dorothy (Would you like to Dance) music video from "Wake Up Jeff" (1996) and this video at the end, It has the Dorothy's Dance Party music video from "Big Red Car" (1995).
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