Arnold's Sweater
Season 6, Episode 4
Air date October 19, 2000
Written by Dave Ingham
Directed by Mike Stuart
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Pig's Sweater is the fourth episode of Season 6.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The episode begins with Kipper having a bath in his rubber tub on a hot day when Pig and Arnold appears across a wall. Pig shows his new sweater to Kipper who comments the day to be very hot to wear a sweater.

Later, all three of them notice a set of arrows leading somewhere which they decide to follow. They reach to the park following them where an arrow was etched in the sand pointing towards the hill. Next, they enter the woods following the arrows where Pig's sweater get stuck in a branch of tree which he frees harshly leading to unwinding of the thread of wool of his sweater without him noticing.

Finally, they come across the last arrow pointing to a tree where they find their friend Tiger pulling a joke on them. However, soon they all realise being lost in the woods as Tiger had meant the arrows to lead them back home which unfortunately Arnold picks them all to have helped them in anyway. Kipper notices the thread of wool of Pig's sweater dangling all over the place which he suggests to follow in order to leave out the woods.

The episode ends with all of them bathing in Kipper's rubber tub when Kipper points Pig's sweater to have stretched. They end up splashing water on each other.

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