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Kipper the Dog!

This wiki strives to be user-friendly for all ages. So please, no matter if you're registered or unregistered, follow these rules:

The admins of this wiki hereby beseech Almighty God to bless our users and their families and to protect our Wikia from spam and vandalism. We also ask Him to guide our hands and minds in the direction He wants, both online and off. In matters dealing with blocking members, we ask that He will remind us to be fair and just. And most of all, we implore that His will be done in everything we do.

General Rules[edit source]

  1. As per Wikia's guidlines, you must be 13 years or older to make an account here. If anyone is found to be under the age limit, they will be banned.
  2. Because all of the show's here on the site are kid shows, no cussing, swearing, obscene language, or profanity of any sort. (Even if it's abbreviated!)
  3. No spamming.
  4. No "mature references", for want of a better word.
  5. No dissing anyone. (Including yourself.)
  6. Do not edit just for the sake of editing. Just because you have more edits or badges than another user, that doesn't mean you are more important than they are.
  7. Only edit your own user page, not anyone else's. (Unless you get permission from the other user first.)
  8. Don't mini-mod. If you see a user breaking a rule, don't tell him, tell an admin and they will take care of it.
  9. Multiple accounts are not allowed. If you make a second account after being banned, you will be found out and the duplicate account(s) will be banned forever.
  10. Please don't harass or aggravate spammers and vandals as it only incites them to cause more damage.
  11. And absolutely no vandalism!
  12. This could be considered a "catch all" rule, but for the sake of it will be included separately: Be kind and respect all other users. Especially admins who have the authority to block anyone who gets out of line.

Image Rules[edit source]

  1. Do not upload images from other sites withour permission.
  2. Images must be saved in either .png or .gif. Jpgs files are not allowed.
  3. When you upload images do not leave spaces between the words.
  4. Make sure that what you name the image makes sense. In other words, do not name an image "jbf2354438fbcjw*Y78283eR%$&R&%.jpg", "Picture 004.JPG", "Capture 005.png" or similar.
  5. Do not upload blurry images.
  6. Do not upload really small images.
  7. Do not upload fan images without an admin's consent.

Video Rules[edit source]

  1. Don't upload duplicate videos.
  2. Avoid uploading videos with watermarks or any similar features.
  3. Do not upload "YouTube Poops" or any other type of fan video. The only videos allowed here are official episodes and music videos. (i.e. Not edited in any way.)

Article Comment/Message Wall Rules[edit source]

  • All of the following rules (except when stated) apply to article comments and message walls.
  1. No content except vandalism, broken links, and profanity may be removed from any user message wall.
  2. Message walls and article comments are there for discussing changes to the article, not for a discussion about the topic in question.
  3. Old comments with resolved issues or that are no longer relevant are subject to deletion to keep the pages clear.
  4. Don't rewrite other user's messages.
  5. Don't answer messages left for other users.
  6. Leaving messages on your own wall is considered spam. Doing so is not "talking to everyone" as no one gets a notification saying that you've left the message.
  7. No opinions on a certain character/song/show/film are allowed. Please post them in your user page.

International Rules[edit source]

  • All of the following rules apply to pages about international media related to Kipper the Dog's works.
  1. Only post plausible information about foreign dubs to this wiki. This is to ensure that some people don't believe you are lying about its existence.
  2. Do not create your own dubs and post them on this wiki. For example, "Kipper el Perro" is a real dub and is perfectly acceptable on this wiki, while "Kipper le chien" is a fake dub and is considered fanmade content.
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