Season 2, Episode 5
Hiccups Ep.jpg
Air date October 22, 1998
Written by Dave Ingham
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Hiccups is the fifth episode of the second season.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Kipper gets the hiccups and his friends give him suggestions on how to cure them.

Firstly, Pig suggests him stand on one leg which Kipper discards calling it silly. Then, he tries to hold his breath and starts counting. He manages to hold his breath up to twelve but unfortunately his hiccups don't stop at all.

Later, Kipper takes the help of a book to cure hiccups which suggest to cure it, he has to place himself in an upsid- down position and sing a song. Kipper tries it as well but again fails.

After some time, Jake suggests a Back crack might do the trick but unfortunately he fails to cure Kipper's hiccups as well and breaks kipper's back.

Lastly, Kipper calls Tiger who suggests drinking a glass of water from its wrong side. Kipper tries it as well but with no success.

The episode finally ends with Pig, Arnold, Jake, and Tiger visiting Kipper's house with drums and balloons only to find Kipper having solved his problem of hiccups.

Characters Featured[edit | edit source]

Hiccups[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the first time Kipper sings a song. The song goes as: "I don't want to have hiccups. Hiccups! You must go".
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