Cakes and Tails is a Season 3 episode, it aired on December 31, 2000.


Kipper and Tiger are playing together and Tiger says that Kipper's toys are boring and too soft. He also suggests that he should have a lion or a grizzly bear or a crocodile, and starts pretending to act like one.

Kipper calls Pig and he says that he made a cake with three bars of chocolate in it and cherries, Tiger wants Pig to bring the cake and Kipper and Tiger go to the park. Meanwhile, Pig is getting through a bush maze and has trouble, but he makes it and he goes to the duck pond. Then the ducks try to eat the cake and Pig eats the cake because he gets hungry.

Kipper and Tiger are lost and they want to find out where Pig is, Tiger doesn't care until he hears snoring in the bushes and a lion's tail. And Kipper and Tiger think that it is a lion, or a crocodile or a grizzly bear and they suppose it ate Pig and his cake, Pig wakes up and he confesses that he was only snoring and he ate the cake because he was hungry. Tiger is mad about this, but Pig says that he has another bar of chocolate at home. Then Kipper told Tiger that what he wasn't a lion's tail it was Pig's yellow scarf Tiger was relived. Back at Pig's he was surprised to hear they thought he was a lion Kipper and Tiger were indeed petrifed by that and Pig's snoring which made him wonder.

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  • When Tiger is pretending to be a lion, there are three toys in Kipper's bed, however, when Kipper calls Pig there are four toys in Kipper's bed again. But they somehow disappear at once when Kipper and Tiger leave.
  • After Kipper, Tiger and Pig leave the park, Pig's cake disappears.
  • Pig told Kipper that type of cake was a chocolate cake, but it is actually a yellow cake with chocolate frosting.